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No picture of me could be truthfully representative without my daughter Sondra at my side. She is the reason I live and the reason I write. My greatest hope is that we both bring warmth and hope to the hearts of anyone who knows us, or reads our work.

I worked for 20 years in the U.S. Army and 20 years in Department of Defense Civil Service. In May 2016 it was time to retire from Civil Service and start working for myself. I spend six to eight hours every day updating Internet sites with Sondra; writing whatever comes to mind; reviewing manuscripts for our publishing business, Iriswhite; and working on the plans for our future Ty Plush Museum.

I started to write short stories and poetry at age ten. Thinking I had a talent for it, I considered a career in literature, until age 20 when I concluded my mother was correct when she told me I would never be able to earn a living writing poetry. I gave up and began other pursuits better suited to providing a roof over my head and food on the table.

Twenty years in the Army, three years of self-employment, three more as a human resources manager, 20 years in Civil Service, two divorces and two fantastic children later – I find myself still writing. I have things to say about love, life, fulfillment, loneliness and truth. Whether anyone reads or listens remains to be seen. I know Sondra listens. We compete against each other with the written word and it enriches us both.

Knowing I couldn’t be the only person with emotions and thoughts to share, I began a search for more souls with the same compelling urge to be heard. I think my search succeeded. Webstatic was born.

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