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In response to many who have wondered enough to ask, here is just a bit about me.

First of all, and some of you probably suspect this, I have no formal background in music. I was educated as an instructor of science and mathematics and have taught at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Currently I am an administrator at a small college in east central Wisconsin, USA. I play the keyboard by ear. I can’t read music well enough to play even the simplest of my own transcriptions, except by heart.

My wonderful son Ben introduced me to midi several years ago but I did not begin composing until August of 1996. All the music at my Internet site has been composed since that time.

My songs come to me through simple inspirations which are normally “completed” in an hour or two. I usually compose the melody for guitar and then play the harmony or counter melody as a flute. When the pieces “fit” I experiment with various combinations of instruments until I have something I like. And what I like is a composition woven with threads of Celtic, New Age, and Classical influence.

I appreciate the time many of you have taken to send me a brief note about my music or my site. I am also pleased that so many of you have linked to my site and /or use my music as a background on one or more of your pages. Thank you!

Music by Bruce DeBoer

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