Overland Roots




It is curious that many people who strive
To preserve their ethnicity, keep it alive,
Are selective enforcers of what they recite.
This has placed them in league with the forces they fight.

I am brother by birth � and not �brother� by skin;
Automatically coupled with only my kin.
For my race to determine with whom I connect
Were not bonding but bondage, to which I object.

I am proud of the Asian who fights for his due.
I would march with the Hindu or stand with the Jew.
If the mistreated could no minority claim,
I would run to assist him, and call him by name.

Those who say we must favor �our own ethnic kind�
Live a less-fulfilled life than the true �color-blind,�
For the paths that might lead them to blessing and grace
They have barred with a roadblock of color and race.

If you carry your race like an armful of bricks,
You may leave broken bridges not easy to fix.
I require my due, but you�ll never find me
Paying homage to something I happen to be.

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Copyright �1999 by Duane M. Dodson. All rights reserved.
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