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A resident of Redlands, California, Duane Matthew Dodson has been writing poetry ever since he could pick up a pen. He especially enjoys the art of recitation, having committed well over a hundred poems to memory. He is currently employed as a technical editor for an environmental consulting engineering firm in Colton.

Duane enjoys reading everything from the classics to Stephen King novels to Mad Magazine, working out, practicing Spanish, singing for fun and profit, playing Scrabble and chess, acting and directing.

Periodically, he teaches English as a Second Language part-time. He is the book editor for Empire Living, a weekly PBS television program that chronicles events and activities of note in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. His book reviews can be viewed monthly on most Southern California PBS stations.

In September 1995, Gen. Colin Powell came to San Bernardino�s California Theater on a book-signing tour. Duane was selected to participate in a program honoring Powell prior to the signing. He recited a poem he wrote especially for the occasion and was asked to recite the poem again for KCKC, a local radio station.

A month or so following that event, the director of the San Bernardino Economic Redevelopment Agency asked Duane to write a poem about San Bernardino and perform it at a rally in the downtown area to bolster the city�s image.

Duane�s work has been published in AIM (America�s Intercultural Magazine), the Spring 1999 issue of The Lyric, and Forbes Magazine. His works have won numerous awards in hardcopy and online literary publications.

uane�s poetry can be found at various Internet sites, including Poetry Connection, God�s Corner, Word Salad, Remley�s Poetry Contest, Angelwing�s Heavenly Skies, and now Webstatic.

Dodson was recently notified that �Overland Roots� had been selected as a �Must Read� at Black America Online, where it is currently featured. He is working on new poetry and preparing his chapbook Heart at my Window, for publication.

Duane is deeply appreciative of the support and encouragement of those who enjoy his work.

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