He Is



He Is


Like some fallen Eaglet
Wounded, yet unbeaten, unbroken
Spiritedfire in the eye
Denying his need for a tender touch
To heal the festered wounds of Fate
A fightera prince of the sky

Like some touching melody
Soothing, tendera tune
Unconsciously hum, in solitude
Simple, yet, vibrant . . . alive!
Echoing in my heart
A song of Hope or tears?

Like some cryptic Oracle
All-knowingan uncanny wisdom
Stripping away every veil, every mask
Revealing myself to methe naked face
Each word as a resounding incantation
A truth I knew, yet did not know

Like some delicate fragrance
Sans source, sans direction
A haunting, elusive presence
A hint, a waft in every breath
Pervading my consciousness
Around me . . . Within me?

As fragrance, as instinct, music or thought
No sense unaware � or un-subdued
Omnipresentyet constantly awaited
Conquered, I know nothing but You
Yet, my LoveDo I know You?
Or, more truly, do I know you as Mine?

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Copyright �2001 by Fareen Azeez. All rights reserved.
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