He Is


 Fareen Azeez

I am a computer engineer fresh out of college, moving into my future with 21 years of dreams behind me. I eagerly look forward to all the experiences life will bring. I started writing when I was in school. The encouragement of my parents, teachers and friends made me bold enough to share these pieces of my heart.

Poetry is said to be the spontaneous outflow of emotions. I found that writing these verses was indeed my way of expressing my thoughts, longings, anguish and pain, surprise and joy, my faith and my beliefs.

Through the years, I have searched myself through the pen. I have looked into my heart and the hearts of others, felt and heard, listened, and reached out. How successful I was, or am, is for those who read these poems to judge.

Poetry is special to me because of the way it can say so much in just a few words, yet convey so much that isn�t said. Even more, I love the way words of poetry can become someone else�s words, even when they don�t write those words themselves.

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