Eternal Questions




If this were
the last day of my life
It would be sad, certainly
But I�d be satisfied all the same

Mine has not been an idle road
Few steps have been spent on the straight & narrow
More than not, I challenged boundaries
Searched far horizons for answers to eternal questions

And of it all, I can say with certainty
that one quality defines the journey
And occupies a hallowed place in existence above all else
It is Love.

I allude here, not to mere attraction
For that is a temporary condition, at best
Brought about by insistent hormones
and fashionable attire

Rather, I infer the unconditional kind
Such as a mother for her newborn
Where separation of individuals disappears
And each is more the other � than self

It is in this state that we glimpse
The underlying principle of being
Too vast to be encompassed in its entirety
by corporeal filters or self-help manuals

In love, a door is opened
that we never knew existed
Through which we are initiated into mystical truths,
Inexplicable certainties and pure joy

It is worth all our striving and travails
Sacrifices, labors, sweat and tears
Without it, life is reduced to oppositions
Colors are muted, and the secret voice of music is silent

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Copyright �1999 by Fred W. Atchison. All rights reserved.
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