Fred W. Atchison Fred William Atchison


Native to Southern California, I was born to Lorraine John and Betty Louise of Costa Mesa on May 18, 1951. The fourth of four children, my early life was rather “Leave It To Beaver.”

Dad worked for Ma Bell his entire adult life without missing a single day of work, for which he was given an award before he retired. Mom was a bookkeeper when she wasn’t trying to maintain peace between the four of us hooligans. All-in-all, I had what most would consider an idyllic childhood.

Over the years it has become increasingly clear to me that I have been blessed in many ways – a wonderful family, abundant opportunities (both personal and professional), relatively good health, and an attentive angel looking over my shoulder.

And wouldn’t you know it – just when I thought that everything was as it should be and life couldn’t get any better – I find myself further blessed by the arrival of Charlie. Strong, considerate, playful and handsome, you couldn’t find a more good-hearted (except maybe Mother Theresa, but Charlie is certainly a close second).

It has never been my motivation to harm a living soul (heck, I even step over ant-trails when I see them), so I sincerely hope that my work touches your life in a positive way. If not, then accept my apology for any discomfort these wanderings have brought you, and move along your way in peace.

If, on the other hand, you find some of these notions resonating a particular pitch in your spirit, then my effort to bring this body of work to your attention has been justly rewarded . . . In joy.

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