From Me,
To You




I am born in each dawn
of waking beside you, silent
as morning�s birth, earth�s genesis.
I want nothing; simply to explore
the tapestry of who we were,
what we have become. At the window
a finch clears his throat, jasmine
nods, weary after night�s last bloom.

Your shoulder is cool
to my palm. Soft in sleep, your lips
answer my fingers. I search for a sign:
the quickened heartbeat, the stir of daybreak
against your thigh, a smile to journey
from mouth to eyes.

We�ve swallowed youth, left vicissitudes
behind; forgiven our ineptitudes as allegories,
revel now in clean linen, Santana winds
to carry our stories. I want you inside me,
an artery flooding with life, a knife
that sharpens itself on my bones.

We begin with light, embrace
through arrogant sunsets, seize
the mystique of night in our hands.
What�s silvered is simply reflection �
the spark in each of us
refusing to go out.

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Copyright �2000 by Heather Long. All rights reserved.
Second Place, Webstatic Poetry Contest, First Half 2000
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