The Next Ten Thousand Days


The Next
Ten Thousand

Beauty Is


To the Girl in
the Equivalent
of a Kansas



Yesterday surrounds us sometimes.
It�s the shroud we pull around us
in shepherdless moments,
when tomorrow�s collective mysteries
hold their secrets too close to the vest.

Like a shadow symphony or the words
to a forgotten song, it blankets moments
in this now, covers us with flawed wisdom
where hindsight has perfect vision,
and cleverly lets insight await the fate
of the dropped penny.

Perhaps there is comfort in memory;
or is it simply that we fear we�ve had more
yesterdays than we will have tomorrows?
I want to cast the shattered wreckage
out to sea and seek again the tide
that brought me to your shore.

I want to wear the smile engendered
by anticipation, the one that shines through
my eyes and helps to light the way. I want
to put away the wry expression that lines
the face with lessons learned on the journey
from there to here. And I want to do it
within the circle of your arms when
we both let go of yesterday.

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Copyright �1998 by Heather Long. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic � First Journey (Sept. 2000)
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