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January Grey is a retired Broadcast professional, born in Michigan and raised in Florida. At an early age she discovered the freedom of gypsy shoes, and began a journey that spirited her across the states, kids and muse in tow, all for the love of music.

She survived almost 20 years in radio, and wearing headphones that left permanent grooves in her head. She made a career of talking to an imaginary friend in a padded room for six days a week, playing other peoples� songs while she pretended to be any number of different characters.

January is quick to boast that she never had to see a psychiatrist as a result of this zany behavior. A radio program director, music director, copy writer, production pro and DJ, she hung up her headphones a few years ago, left the rat race and stress of the business, to write; all the while yearning for peace in the valley or a hide-away cottage in the woods, on the side of a mountain.

She�s been writing poetry since age 15, and has never been ashamed of admitting she still loves to pretend. At present, her only obsession is writing and sharing with those who find comfort or inspiration in her words.

A divorced mother of four grown children and entertainer turned romance novelist, she has one novel under her belt, waiting to be discovered. January currently resides in the Chicago area with her family and critters that love her.

Who is January Grey?

She is a gentle spirit
an old soul
kin to Mother Earth
a writer,
a muse
a poet in a deep well.
A free spirit soaring above
the peaks and valleys
armed with laughter
to stave off adversity.
A child of winter,
a daughter,
a mother,
your friend, and confidante�
a meaningful associate.
She believes in the power of love
and that no heart is ever broken beyond repair.

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