Eagle�s Daughter




I have seen you plane the many-songed horizon
and skim the waters� depths and dims,
or slice its flung troughs and peaks.
I have heard, with bugles in my blood,
your tread resound the trammeled dust.
I salute, not uniforms,
but those who give them substance.
I am one among the eagle�s many daughters,
wife of his traveled nest,
and you are arrow and olive branch
and freedom�s wings.

I have seen you don your battle-colored pride
and march confident, polishbooted,
to the drums of history.
I have heard, reverberant in my breast,
the pound and rattle of a war
and did not lose my faith;
though your wounds wounded me.
For I am one among the eagle�s many daughters,
providing succor from the nest
as you provide the fledgling future
beneath your steelveined wings.

No finelined protocols prevent the darkling night;
the eagle lives! to soar.
Irontaloned, fierce of beak,
he strikes the gloried dawning.
Jealousproud he hunts uncertain peace
or with strident screak brings down
his prey in strife,
protects the myriad distances
of his keep
and, often, with his life.

I have seen your face care-worn and drawn
while your hard honor spread the earth
in uncompromising span.
I have heard, with bursting heart,
the crisp of banners in the wind
and your stern oath reecho like
the Voice of God, Whose Hand so firmly
grasps your own and rests upon your head.
I am one among the eagle�s many daughters,
mere wife of the traveled nest;
yet you bear the fire for the flame
that lights broad wings.

We, who follow on the ground,
who build the aerie, who plump the nest,
are blessed.
For we have bright privilege to hear
bugles others never hear,
to taste of winds of passing flight,
to see � as others never see �
the eagle�s sacrifice.
And might.

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Copyright �1988 by Kathleen Anspach Preddy. All rights reserved.
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