Kathleen Anspach Preddy Kathleen Preddy


I was born on the Epiphany in Los Angeles, California, and have discovered that the journey through life is, indeed, an epiphany! I have spent most of my life as an Army Brat and Army wife and consider the world my home.

I spent the early part of my life in Sasabo, Japan, and later graduated from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, Ruyuku Islands, some years before it reverted to Japan. I also lived in Germany for nine years, at different times, with first my father and then my husband.

I attended Western Carolina University for two years, where I majored in creative writing and English. Discovering that, once you have the mechanics of writing down pat, no one can actually teach you to be a good writer � that takes years and years of practice and thousands of rejection slips � I opted to pursue a different degree in my second most-favorite subject: people. I graduated, magna cum laude, from North Carolina State University in 1977 with a BA in Sociology. My plans, to continue in the field and become a juvenile counselor, were subverted by the responsibilities of wife and motherhood. Luckily, one can write anywhere and under almost any circumstances; so I have pursued my first love after all.

My poetry has been published in various small press magazines, like Undinal Songs, The Nomad, and The Windhover, to name a few. I was fortunate enough to be a contributor to a chapbook, entitled From the Viscera, a group effort published under the auspices of one of North Carolina�s Poet Laureates, Lance Jeffers. 

I also, for a short while, wrote a humor column for The Stars and Stripes, European Edition. My column centered on Army family-life and raising children and poked fun at my husband and myself and our own little Army Brats. When asked why I didn�t pursue writing newspaper columns further, I have to reply, �My material grew up!� ( I went through three toddlers, just trying to get one right.) My children were (and are) my inspiration and my joy and the source of many years of laughter. I do not dwell on tears or hardships, though we have had our share.

Oscar Wilde once said �Life is too important to be taken seriously.� I have tried to keep this as my motto.

I have just finished my first novel, entitled The Butterfly�s Winter Diary. It is a work of juvenile fiction in search of an agent (and one day a publisher, I hope!) at present.

I am married to my wonderful Jeffrey, a disabled veteran, who served his country with honor and distinction. Jeff and I have three children. Amy is 28 and works for IBM. PJ is coming up on his 22nd birthday and a junior at NC State University, majoring in psychology, a newly promoted E-5 in the US Army Reserves, and works part-time with children through the YMCA. Anna-Lisa, 18, has just begun her college �career� this fall at Western Carolina U., planning to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill next year and major in occupational therapy with an eye toward medical school. Jeff and I are experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome for the first time and finding out that we are People, separate from our parent personas � a new �epiphany�!

I do not know what the future holds, but I have been writing creatively since I was 8 years old, thanks to a wonderful teacher in Fulda, Germany. Mrs. Smith set me to writing short stories and poems for her to keep me quiet, when I finished my work before the other children in the class. I have never stopped writing since then. I don�t foresee that that will cease before my adventure on this amazing planet comes to an end; I cannot imagine doing anything else. Perhaps I shall continue to write as I explore other worlds beyond this one. Who can say?

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