Oh How
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Larry Moffitt Larry Moffitt


I work in the news-gathering business. I guess I am interested in pretty much everything. I have been a farmer and beekeeper, radio disk jockey, photographer, reporter/columnist, a standup comic, and have puttered around in the seeking of wisdom and truth department (I never metaphysic I did not like). My favorite things to read are history and good poetry, of which I have found a great deal of the latter on Webstatic.

Bicycling is my fortress of solitude. In cyclist garb � spandex shorts and a jersey that resembles a Checker Cab shot up with paintballs � I look like a Mardi Gras float. But I don�t care. On a bike is the only place in the physical world I am frictionless. And it is cheaper than a shrink.

My work has taken me to all the continents, except the ice one, and most of the countries. It has been a wonderful blessing to learn from my experiences that I am neither as wonderful nor as unworthy as I generally think I am. Living in other cultures has also taught me that I alone am responsible for what I am. And when bad stuff happens outside my control, I am still responsible for my attitude and how I deal with it. As I gaze out over the landscape of the last half of my life, I think what I would most like to do is find a small university or college within walking distance of a decent coffee shop, and teach communication.

I am often quite impulsive and for some reason have always been a big fan of lightning storms. Recently I came very close to getting a Harley V-Max for my midlife crisis. Then I thought, naaah, and went to Sears instead and got me a really badass lawnmower. And some of them little oven mittens.

In my spare time I am vice president of United Press International (UPI).

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