Love at First Sight


First Sight

Not Know

Thank You

Warm, rosy fingertips of
warmth tiptoe up my spine.
A slight blush blooms on
my cheekbones under your
penetrating gaze.
My marrow melts,
then boils.
A frisson, a shiver
of pure joy thrills
through my body.
My eyes lock on yours
and nothing can tear
them away.
My senses reel,
dizziness threatens,
tongue cleaves to palate,
knees lock,
heartbeat stops,
starts, stops,
feverishly with each
second lengthening to years.
Eyelids struggle to keep
from blinking,
can�t break the spell,
an instant without
your gaze could
my heart.
Love at first sight.

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Note: Frisson - French word meaning "shiver," as in "A frisson, a shiver of pure joy..."

Copyright �1993 by Lindsey Schocke. All rights reserved.
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