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What should I tell a complete stranger about me?

I live and work in Georgia, where the technology industry is growing by leaps and bounds. I attended college at the University of Georgia and majored in English.

My hobbies include reading, music, crafts, playing the piano and guitar, writing poetry, working on my many web sites, and singing. I frequently play table-top games and live action role-playing games.

I�ve been happily married since June of 2000. My husband and I have a growing anime collection and a very playful border collie named Petey.

I hope to work from home as a virtual assistant, that newly-spawned profession that offers so much potential for creativity.

The last time I tried to write a bio, my poem �Mystery� emerged instead ... because I define myself by my creativity ... that ever-changing inspiration that forces me to spit out poems, occasionally willy-nilly, or regret that I didn�t catch them.

To write poetry is to capture those thoughts that cross your mind, and form them into something intelligible that has meaning. It is to capture a moment in time, or a series of moments, and describe them so vividly that someone else can see it, taste it, feel it, live it like a daydream in their mind�s eye ... to tap into the unconscious and make it talk sense. This is what I strive for as a poet.

Poetry, music, calligraphy, all of these things are expressions of the beauty that I see daily, small things and large ... and also the pain.

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