How Many Faces


How Many

Dream On


I love you, whispered at midnight
Moments before sleep�s veil descends . . .
A comforting lullaby as you journey to your dreams
And she, cloistered in saline moisture
Dreams of him, with you
And a smile upon her lips.

How many faces do you know
As your love lies, and lies beneath you,
Seemingly yours, dreamingly held in another�s arms?
He heats your eyes and thighs with kisses
And never looks back as you touch his lips
And hope that he is there.

How many faces, as you each sit silently,
Fingers entwined in love�s embrace
And dance your separate daydream waltz
With eyes fixed upon a certain place
Without windows or doors,
You never know and only wonder, how many faces?

Who dwells behind the eyes 
That lies or smiles or denies?
Which face is trust? Which face deceit?
Who looks with love or hate or jealousy,
At the masks we wear to hide our hearts,
Our deepest mysteries?

Never bare the soul through mirrored eyes
Never prick the soul to bleed.
Stay hidden, seek safe harbor,
Protect me from you, protect you from me,
Behind, God knows,
How many faces.

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Copyright �1999 by Michael Suib. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic � First Journey (Sept. 2000)
Second Place, Webstatic Poetry Contest, Second Half 1999
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