Deep Regrets



Just Like
a King

One Hour
the Dawn


The protocols of men of power;
Agendas passed in hiding.
Procrastination steals the hour,
Now there is none abiding.

Unseen, forsaken in the deep.
Paralysis sub-zero.
A frozen slumber�s tragic keep.
The silence of the hero.

As nations feel all hope recede,
One hundred men and more
Lay perished now, through lack of heed
Upon the ocean floor.

Entombed in freezing Arctic flows,
Their deeds for evermore
Recalled in ice-bound echoes
Where the elements do war.

O Trinity of love and power,
Receive into thy grace
These men, who in their final hour
The cruel seas embrace.

Let every man who evermore
�Neath lonely sea or sky
Shall sail, remember, � there but for
The grace of God go I.

Dedicated to the memory of the one hundred and eighteen men of the Russian submarine �Kursk� which exploded and sank in the Barents sea on August 12th 2000.

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Copyright �2000 by Rod Walford. All rights reserved.
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