Tell Me, Tell Me


Tell Me,
Tell Me

Shhh Listen


Tell Me, Tell me please am I
the rumbling of your distant storm?
Or am I just the sound escaping
from your love so bright, so warm?

Tell me, Tell me please will I
be all you ever want and need?
Or will I simply be the one
you�ll cut and leave to bleed?

Tell me, Tell me please can I
dig my way deep in your heart?
Or am I just a substitute
for your love while you�re apart?

Tell me, Tell me answer please
will you answer bold and true?
Am I what I think I am
Do I mean the same to you?

Can you tell me, I need to know
am I your heart�s desire, I cry?
Will I be your love eternally
or merely memory�s sweet goodbye . . .

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Copyright �1997 by Sheila Lynn. All rights reserved.
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