Love Words To Listen To


The Dove�s

Love Words
To Listen To


If I were a Cinderella with both shoes on
and had no need of a handsome prince
still I would listen to love words from you
if given half a chance

I know what you would say
because your words would only
echo what my heart
just whispered to you

Still, I would listen in wonder
savoring those words just for me
not knowing that love and respect,
adoration and passions wild taste
could flow from your soul to mine

A miracle happens every day
our miracle was the meeting
of our eyes, the touch of our hands
the meeting of our minds

So that when it happened
the meeting of our hearts
was sublime
and we whispered
to each other
every love word
we have ever wanted
to hear

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Copyright �2000 by Sylvia Spivey. All rights reserved.
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