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Toshi Casey  Toshi Casey


Toshi hails from Sacramento, California where for the last 15 years she has lived and worked. After working as an insurance sales agent for 10 years, she discovered she was not built to withstand hours of nagging telephone calls and huge, sagging mounds of paper while confined in the dull walls of a cubicle. She says of cubicle work, �The imagination suffocates, leaving you with the dry bones and withered tissue of early mental retirement.� Toshi is now a student at the American River College, pursuing higher educational goals.

Toshi grew up in California and lived a nomadic-type childhood. Her father�s career with Bank of America kept him on the move, mostly in the northern and central valley areas of California. For many years, Toshi complained that this constant uprooting never allowed her to develop serious long lasting relationships and was the primary source of her overwhelming shyness � always �the perpetual new kid.�

She attended Sacramento high school and participated in the arts program but did not graduate. She disappeared her junior year (proficiency exam) � The reason only known to a select few. She now considers this period as the point in her life when her potential derailed itself in a train wreck. Despite her down times, she remains positive and says (of her down times), �Why discuss this here when I can write a poem later.�

It is Toshi�s wish that you garner from her work insight, inspiration and questions yet to be answered. She believes art is a reflection of the self and the society in which it was created. Therefore, to find shared truths about all mankind, we must listen and examine the creative works of others.

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