Wendy Howe Wendy Howe


Breath is the spirit of the poetess,
Voice the shadow of her thought
cast on walls of stone,
mirrors of water,
and shutters of wind
opening to each season�s promise.

As a contemporary poet, that is how I view the sacred essence of words. Though intangible, they can heal the wounded heart, calm the rapid pulse or inspire an imagination just opening its iridescent colors to the world.

Yet, as human beings, we must be prudent in the words we select to express our feelings and experiences. Inspiration is always there waiting for us. The candle flame continually beckons; but we must carefully interpret how its flickering rhythm chants, how the burning tear cries out to each heart. Truth whispers in the glance of an eye, the twinge of a leaf or the permanence of stone.

Presently, I work as a part-time high school English teacher in upper state New York and also manage a small, home-based computer/consulting service. I have always felt that writing poetry is as much a part of my soul as breathing in air.

I hope that in honing my craft as writer and poet, my voice will inspire people to see life as a perpetual journey that branches out into divergent paths of knowledge, challenge and discovery.

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