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J.R. Willett J.R. Willett


I am a 19-year-old freshman at Seattle Pacific University, majoring in computer science. I am a Christian, my particular denomination being Assemblies of God.

Most people visiting my site seem to be more interested in the things I write than anything about me. They don't know how little of my life I devoted to writing until the last few months.

When I created my personal homepage, I didn't want it to be filled with empty facts with little interesting content, so I decided to put up a couple of my poems.

I find that I don't have much urge to write unless I'm under a lot of stress. When responsibilities pile up, I get hit occasionally with a sudden need to put my emotions onto paper.

College is stressful. I have written more in the last few months than I did in my whole life before that. Thus, my scribblings on my web page quickly multiplied. I was surprised at the number of people who found my page and liked it. It's turning out that I enjoy working on my web pages more than my college experience.

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