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How do I submit work to be published at Webstatic?
  • To submit work for consideration by the Webstatic editors, complete the on-line submission form. You must submit three titled works including the year each was originally written or copyrighted. Your submissions will not be acknowledged unless selected for publication.
  • The editors screen hundreds of submissions per month, but select only 10 to 12 writers per year to showcase at Webstatic. Writers selected to be published at the site generally show unique perspectives and style in one of the themes common to Webstatic.
  • If your work is selected to be published at Webstatic, we will request your biography and a photo at that time, for your Webstatic bio page. Do not send a bio or photo with regular submissions.
  • The underlying considerations for publication at Webstatic are that readers can relate on an emotional level with the poetry, and the poems are easily understood (non-abstract).
  • Webstatic does not accept submissions from children age 12 or under.

Does Webstatic pay for submissions?

  • No. Webstatic does not pay for work that is published at the site.

How many works can I have published at Webstatic?

  • The current limit on a writerís showcase is ten works. When a writer exceeds the ten-work limit, their older work is archived in another section at the Webstatic site.

How does published work at Webstatic end up in the archives?

  • Generally, work is archived if we have not published new work by an author or the author has not contacted us for 2 - 3 years. Work is also archived if a writerís active showcase would exceed the ten-work limit.

I was a Webstatic contest winner. Will more of my work be featured at Webstatic?

  • Publication at Webstatic as a showcased poet is by invitation only. In some cases the editors have requested additional samples of work from contest winners for possible publication in a showcase.

How long will my poetry remain at Webstatic?

  • Showcased poets remain at Webstatic, either active or archived, indefinitely, unless they request to be removed. When contests are being conducted, the work of contest winners stays up for at least six months, or longer at the sole discretion of the editors.

Some of my friends can hear music at Webstatic, but I can't. What is going on?

  • Music will play on most of the pages at Webstatic if you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Visitors using other browsers may not hear the music.

Does Webstatic sponsor or bestow any Internet awards?

  • Not at the present time. We are designing three awards to recognize deserving Internet sites, but the screening criteria is not final. There will be a site award for outstanding poetry content, another award for outstanding visual design on a poetry site, and an award for a combination of both. These awards will be granted annually and will also include cash prizes.

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