Days of
Wine and

The Hunt

to Fly


Daelynn Farrell

ARCHIVE  –  Biography not available


In a circle of spiritual friends
I stand alone.
Lonely souls surround me –

If nothing is certain
Then know that I feel
Like a servant at your side –
Born to kneel.

In this half-life I see
Betrayal, denial.
The course of the living ones –
Lives on trial.

Then you come to me in a fearless heat
My own soul will scream to meet
Beyond pleasure, beyond all control
To another place – like anarchy in my soul.

Call me to the spiritual meeting place.
Rip the flesh – The soul needs no face.
Join with me, lose your self control.
Show me all I haven’t seen – anarchy in my soul.

Through the mist of time
Show me passions I’ve never seen.
I give you my spirit
Take me places I’ve never been.

Do this for me –
Lose your self control.
Let me show you
The anarchy in your soul.

Days of Wine and Roses

Days of wine and roses
Gone like leaves in a breeze.
A heart in shards like glass
Can’t tell you what it sees.
Insanity everywhere I go
Or maybe it’s just me
Sepia-toned memories
That won’t let me be.
Tears become crystallized.
Even crystal shatters.
Icy fingers invade my heart
And nothing really matters.
Everything is gone –
Even time it seems.
My heart and my soul –
Even my very dreams.
I don’t sleep anymore
So I indulge in my daymares.
Every sight a visual hell
And no one really cares.
Lonely and not alone
I wish for the end –
The endless sleep of death
Some things don’t mend.

The Hunt

Trees, tall and thick,
Silver moonlight washes through
Clouds of cottony black
That veil the moon so new.

Creatures screaming
In his ears.
In painted body
The Hunter hears.

Slinking through grass,
Sniffing the air,
The scent of his prey,
The smell of its fear.

He tastes the prey
With the tongue of his mind,
A drug for his senses,
The food of his kind.

The chase begins –
Hunter and prey.
A dance to the gods
The primitive way.

Hearts beat wild –
Mingled sweat and fear.
Thumping loudly,
The kill is near.

Dodging trees
Through thicket and brush
The prey darts
In a last moment’s rush!

The Hunter attacks
The struggling prey!
The victim’s eyes plead
For one final day.

The motion is swift
The victim dies quick,
As its body settles
With one final kick.

The taste of the blood
As it drips from his mouth,
Delicious and warm,
Blood trails run south.

Before the sun rises
More victims will die
With the last pleading look
As the world says goodbye.

Another night, another dance,
The gods have surely agreed.
He is, indeed, a great Hunter
And Death is full of greed.

Learning to Fly

I have seen too much pain,
Touched too much blood and tasted rage.
In this book I have survived.
I’ve turned my cheek and turned the page.

I’ve felt the fire within the ice.
I’ve been burned alive by the cold.
I’ve lived every kind of life,
Been blind and dumb, bought and sold.

I’ve seen Hell and Hell on Earth.
In my life, I’ve killed and died.
I’ve crossed the waters of the river Styx.
I’ve told the truth and then I’ve lied.

In all that I have been and done
I still can wonder why
Through all the pain and bloody rage
You’ve taught me how to fly.

Physical Spirit

Come with me, follow me,
I have something to show.
It’s my soul bared open
For only you to know.

I’ll take you to the core,
To the secret center place.
Stay forever with me –
No earth, no sun, no space.

There are no words here,
Lay down all you know.
Insanity is a state of mind
But never let it go.

Pour yourself into my soul –
A spiritual shot of adrenaline,
A rush of sugar sweet candy.
This is my only sin.

Pushed to the edge of the physical;
Oh, what death is so sweet?
Shaking body and out of mind
My soul’s laid at your feet.

Expect of me only this night,
For this night is all I can give.
Love me only forever
And memories forever live.

You will dream of me
But, in time, those dreams will fade.
You will not remember
The love we almost made.

So I’ll walk with you –
I’ll lead you to the darkest core
But if you leave this beauty black,
You can find me no more.