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Untitled 1

seeing you alone sitting on the porch
I watch from the distant trees
you can feel me
but don�t know where I am

my senses pick up the smell of fear
it rushes through my body
like a crimson drug

quietly I approach
like a savage in the dark
stalking it�s victim
hunting it�s prey

grabbing you from behind
I feed off of your skin
your soul inviting me
to carry out my mystery.


cold breeze against my skin
I stand in the middle of the street
holding deeper into myself
I embrace the silence

was it in this spot?

I search my memory
looking for something familiar
looking for anything
anything to tell me the truth

what happened that night?
innocence tells me I was lucky
reality shows me the broken heart
denial still has a grip
fear turns into guilt

why not me?

I still remember
the look in her eyes
the screeching tires
the feel of metal

the scream . . .

I no longer sleep at night
I can�t escape
what if, what if . . .

Copyright �1997 by Jill Philippi. All rights reserved.

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Untitled 2

that time at the park when I caught your glance
when you didn�t think anyone was looking
I saw . . .
I saw you hiding behind that smile of yours
letting others believe nothing was wrong
I saw . . .
I saw you look back at me
giving me that same smile
making me think I could never solve your mystery
but I saw . . .
that unintentional glance
that said a thousand words


deserted chill
creaking among eve�s desire
as we become bound in that devil�s painting

whisper your crystal kiss within me
delicate, reckless . . .



Let me taste
the wine that rests upon your lips

The rose colored bite I leave
will never fade

Copyright �1997 by Jill Philippi. All rights reserved.

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