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The Red
Brick Wall

Number 1

They Love


The Way
I Feel


Lynn Goodwin � Archive

Castle of Sand

I�ve built you a castle
made out of sand
If you�d like to go see it
please take my hand.

We�ll walk by still waters
the breeze on our faces
pause along the way
for tender embraces.

Enter the doorway
leave everything behind
get lost in the beauty
escape from your mind.

Life is a fantasy
hidden inside
tucked away safely
far from the tide.

Light from the moonbeams
dust from the stars
away from the madness
that�s drifting afar.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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I feel my mind�s diminishing
It�s trapped outside my brain
Fading fast and silently
consumed by hurt and pain.

Send me to a distant place
away from all I know
Help to put the pieces back
take it nice and slow.

Put me in a peaceful room
pale and clean to see
Let the night, moon and stars
project their light on me.

Teach me how to accept the pain
and turn it into bliss
teach me how to love again
and seal it with a kiss.

Delete the part that�s haunting me
erase the devil�s wrath
Send an angel down to guide
along a new found path.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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Make Believe

Angels descending from the star studded skies
dancing with fairies amidst dragon flies
Tear drops from heaven dampen their wings
while in the distance a young child sings.
Light footed elves darting quickly through the trees
taunting the trolls, hidden perched on their knees
Mystical creatures together at play
down the yellow brick road hidden out of the way.

Hidden from all except those that believe
in fairies and sprites tugging gently at your sleeve.
Turning the corner before you can get there
laughing and whispering and tossing their hair.
Sprinkling their moon dust on the tips of your toes
flitting �round quickly and twinking your nose.

Believe in your fantasies, believe in your dreams
believe in yourself � no matter how hard it seems.
Escape for a while down the yellow brick road
searching for fairies, don�t step on the toads
leaping before you to allow you to pass
take the journey slowly, don�t move too fast.

Step out of your mind into this fantasy land
while you kick off your shoes to play in the sand
along side of a creek running swiftly and wild
thoughts of the fairies delighting a child.
If you believe . . . in make believe
look for the fairy upon your sleeve.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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Lonely together, lonely alone
The heart of a lover turning to stone
Touched by an angel
Kissed by the sea
The rage of the devil
Burning in me

Hope is an option
Waiting outside
A piece of my heart
Has already died

Wanting the pieces
Put together again
An up-hill battle
I�m afraid I can�t win

Reach for the heavens
Reach for the stars
Reach for the soul mate
Who�s waiting afar

Think of a nice song
And ride on the moon
Play in the stardust
Dance like a loon

Send down some star dust
A love I can trust
Sincerity and honesty
Both are a must

Rid me of hurt
And aching and pain
Show me wildflowers
Growing in the rain

Tell me I�m worthy
Of life on this earth
Send me some happiness
Peace and mirth

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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The Red Brick Wall

Driving down the road I see,
A red brick wall beckoning me.
Red brick arms reach out tauntingly
Enticing me by saying
�I�ll take care of thee.�

From out of the wall appears a smile
Saying to me, �it�s only a mile�
Away to peace and out of harm
Do I trust this brick wall�s charm?

Is it insane to think like this
And wonder if death could really be bliss?
What�s on the other side of the wall
A sunlit sky, or long dark hall?

How do I know whether to take the chance
Or continue with life on a day to day dance?
Life is a puzzle with pieces to find
Trying to fit them can drive you out of your mind.

In the front of my mind I don�t want to die
But in the back of my mind I sometimes want to try
To find what is there on the other side of the wall
But there�s no coming back, should I make that call?

It can draw like a magnet when I�m least to expect it
So far I�ve been fortunate to be able to reject it.
It happens on impulse, springs out very quickly
Sometimes when I�m down, but not always feeling sickly.

Will the day really come when I no longer fight
The urge to drive fiercely into the night?
Crash into the wall at a hundred and ten
Never to see daylight again?

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic � First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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Resolution Number 1

Beginning today
and never again
Will I open my mind
and let anyone in.

I�ll push all my thoughts
To the back of my mind
So deeply buried
No one can find.

Your thoughts are your only
Secret you own
Don�t let someone steal them
To try and become your clone.

They can cut away tissue
They can cut away bone
But thoughts are a secret
They are etched into stone.

They can chisel and chisel
But to no avail
They can�t find your thoughts
Because they�ve been veiled.

By your only possession
That no one can find
The thoughts hidden deep
in the back of your mind.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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Someone They Love

I pray to God
In heaven above
Let my children grow old
With someone they love

Let their lives settle down
To less than a roar
Clear out the cobwebs
Open the door

Let in the light
Let happiness soar
Bless them with happiness
And friends to adore

Grace them with good health
And adequate wealth
A chance to grow old
That�s worth more than gold.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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Look deep in my eyes
Tell me, what do you see
They are eyes of a lost soul
Buried deep inside of me

Look hard at my heart
It�s crafted of crystal and glass
Shattered and fragile
From things in the past

I�m not looking for promises
Of lasting romance
Feelings I have
Are left up to chance

Enjoy the moment
For as long as it lasts
Don�t push me away
If you think it�s too fast

I like the feel of your touch
And the feel of your kiss
Indulge me the pleasure
Of feeling like this

I want to reach for the stars
Slide down from the moon
Run naked in the wind and rain
Dance like a loon

You don�t have to love me
To make me feel whole
Just touch me and kiss me
It�s good for my soul

If you don�t have an interest
Physical, toward me
Just tell me now,
There�s no chemistry

Just being honest
Is all that I need
Whatever you want
Is fine with me

Just be up-front
Don�t make me guess
What the hell you are thinking
The unknown is �stress.�

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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The Way I Feel

Have you ever felt
like its an effort to breathe
You want to get up
but you don�t want to leave

Your energy�s all gone
And you don�t know where it went
Your hope is depleted
Your emotions are spent

You�d cry if you could
But the tears won�t flow
You�re numb all over
Your heart�s beating slow

You can�t fall asleep
Because of the pain
That�s radiating throughout
Your body again

Which pain is worse
The physical or mental
Sorting it out
The answer�s not simple.

Physical pain
Leaves you bruised and disabled
Mental abuse
Makes you feel you�re unstable

How can you rise
From the depths of this well
When will it cease
Only time will tell

You�re told to be patient
All things change with time
But in the meantime
You�re going out of your mind.

Wondering when
All this heartache will end
Will God grant the courage
And help you to mend

The hole in your soul
Where love and trust used to be
Now replaced by a reality
You don�t want to see.

Copyright �1999 by Lynn Goodwin. All rights reserved.

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