Isn’t Enuff


Mary Greenlee

ARCHIVE  –  Biography not available

Isn’t Enuff

When you think . . .
love isn’t enuff
then give it away
there’s always someone waiting
to say the words you fail to say

always someone waiting
to show the affection you won’t
always someone waiting
to do the the things you don’t

so when you think . . .
love isn’t enuff
in your busy day by day
and you have no time to show it
then . . . just . . . give it away

did you forget how special
that loved one is to you
has time erased your feelings
that once were so new

I don’t want to hear you cry
what did I do . . .
it’s what you didn’t do
cause love . . . just wasn’t enuff
for you


Where does love go when it ends
is there a junk yard for crushed hearts
is there a doctor who can operate
or exchange it for a new part

and what about the memories
can a dentist extract them too
to end the pain of thought
caused by loving you

can a magician just go poof
like pulling a rabbit out of a hat
and the feelings disappear
can it happen just like that

so where does love go when it ends
one’s loss becomes another’s gain
and in the end it equals out
and THAT’S the end of the pain