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At night, he is my shining star. I look up at him while he clears my path; I close my eyes and wish upon him, �Star light, Star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might have you embrace me tonight.� When my eyes open, he is in front of me, gracing my skin with his touch.

In daylight, he is my ray of sunshine. As the sun rises at dawn, I watch him brighten my path. The rays are so colorful, so vibrant. As the day continues to get brighter with yellow rays of joy, I stand still; close my eyes; tilt my head back; and bask in his sunlight. His ray of sunshine radiates through me, so gentle and warm. I open my eyes and see his arms are draped around me, for he is standing behind me, embracing me.

In spring, he is my budding tulip. Surrounding me with such vivacious, yet pastel, colors. I pass through a pedaling garden of tulips. I kneel down to capture the aroma of the charming flowers. The fragrance of the petals is of him. I close my eyes and dream of him. I awake as I feel the stem of a tulip delicately being feathered through my earlobe. I rise, and see only him. He is my garden of paradise.

In a summer rainstorm, he is a soft drop of rain. I follow a rainbow as his celestial drops of rain caress me. I end up coming upon him at the end of the glistening colors. There he stands, my everlasting pot of gold.

In autumn, he is my blissful leaves. All different colors while his personality penetrates through them. As they begin to fall, his leaves begin building a castle of beauty for me. I close my eyes and lie upon them. They embrace me as if he is tenderly holding me. My eyes open and it is truly him enveloping me with his touch.

During a winter snowstorm, he is my glittering shower of snowflakes. So crystal white and soft. I close my eyes while his supple snowflake lands upon my forehead. A cool, wet breeze passes through me, as if he is kissing me lovingly. My eyes open, forever entranced within his, as he stands before me.

Copyright �1998 by Nan. All rights reserved.

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