Act I
Scene II



Truth and
the Light



StarDancer’s biography

Act I Scene II

He claimed that he didn’t play games,
He said I was his world,
His timing was horrid,
He threw me away as soon as things went bad.
I was simply a toy to him that he no longer desired.
He was a spoiled child in his own universe.

He tossed aside more than he will ever know,
Assuming he ever knew anything,
He erased my love for his one-sided desires.
These few, short, unimportant lines
Are his last stand.

I will love again and again
But he never will –
This is where he dies,
Lost, nameless, forgotten to the ages.


A girl was born today.
She is perfect.
Pure, innocent,
Love in its truest form.
You could learn much from her.
She is the light,
That would bring you
Out of the darkness –
But you won’t allow it.
You will teach her of the world,
In your narrow view
And in doing that,
Steal her innocence and light.


Try to rest here –
In my arms
I know your mind races
Thoughts, ideas
Speeding through

Close your eyes
I feel your body relax
I watch you sleep
Yet, I cannot

My mind wanders to places
What will happen tomorrow?

The morning sun has no idea
How it intrudes upon my peace
It destroys my happiness
With a simple threat –
To reveal our secret.

The Truth and the Light

I see you now,
As I did then –
Beautiful and free –
No darkness yet, in your soul,
At least none that I could see.
I was never innocent,
Life saw to that,
But you have always been.
You tried to heal me with your light,
But my darkness absorbed it.
I gave you nothing but pain,
And you, in turn, gave me regret –
The ability to feel –
And for that, I will always love you.

With Flowers

Everyday I watch
As you come to visit
You come with flowers as an offering
Then sit silently for hours
I watch as tears leave their trails
Down your face
And I hear your whispered words of love
Words you could never find the courage
To voice before –
Words and phrases
Now meaningless
But holding more meaning
Than you could ever know
And I watch
As you rise to leave
Knowing that tomorrow
You’ll return with flowers
To lay upon my grave