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Kelly Lynn DiNicola is my real name but I tend to write under StarDancer or Mamid. In several native North American languages, Mamid means StarDancer.

I was born in New Jersey on January 18, 1977, which means I am 22 as I write this. I have been writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember.

At first, it was just a way to escape my real life and have the life I wanted, but now it has become so much more. For the most part I just refer to it as an addiction. All of my works are based on my life and experiences, some more blatant than others but there are facts in everything.

In my spare time I work on my web site. I usually add between three to six new poems each week, try to read all the stuff that accumulates in my e-mail, and read. Sappho is my one true love, well, she’s at the top of the list with Xena and David Gahan.

I write whenever an idea strikes and I will drop whatever I’m doing to get that idea written down. People don’t seem to appreciate this habit as much as you might think, in fact I’ve been fired from several jobs for just that reason. And somewhere in this mess that I call my life I find time to eat and sleep.

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