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By Herself

She stands apart all by herself
Not wanting any aid
Not needing any help at all
Behind her barricade

She wants no part of people
For people harm and hurt
So now she stands all by herself
A stony introvert

She lives her life the way she wants
And in the dark of night
She cries her lonely quiet tears
Until the new day�s light

Copyright �1998 by Sheila Roark. All rights reserved.
First Place � Poets At Work, September, 1997.

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Fulfilling Destiny

I write down all my inner thoughts
and hope to share with you
all my ideas big and small,
of this wide world I view.

I pen emotions from my soul
and tell you how I feel
sharing all my hopes and dreams
from feelings that are real.

I scribe about the things I�ve seen
and all I�ve grown to know
so you can grow and learn new things
from knowledge I bestow.

But most of all I write down words
because that�s part of me,
for I�m a working poet
fulfilling destiny.

Copyright �1998 by Sheila Roark. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic � First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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Old Woman

Her face wears many wrinkles
That show her roads of life.
The roads she walked so valiantly.
The roads so full of strife.

Her silver hair is listless.
No longer does it shine.
It just hangs down inertly
Because it�s gotten fine.

Once she walked with power
With energy to spare.
Now her gait is very slow.
She�s lost her pep and flair.

But even though she�s gotten old,
And life has drained her dry,
I still see youthful beauty
In the twinkle of her eye.

Copyright �1998 by Sheila Roark. All rights reserved.
Fourth place � Logan Publications, 1997.

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