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An Angel�s Voice

An Angel�s voice speaks to me
and when I look up I see your face.

An Angel�s dreams are revealed to me
and it is through your being they are revealed.

Your thoughts, dreams and ideas are inspirational.
But like the other Angels you remain humble.

In your presence I am closer to God.
Like a window to the heavens.
Your light warms me and I am reconnected to my soul.

When I listen to you I hear an Angel�s Voice.

Copyright �1997 by Tom Grogan. All rights reserved.

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On Sacredness

On a cold, clear, crisp winter morning
hard earth beneath warm boots and a cloudless sky
I�m touched by something beyond the actual,
beyond the obvious.
A voice asks, �Isn�t it beautiful?�
And I say, �Yes. But what does it mean?�
The answer comes back, �What �Meaning� can love have?
A definition is irrelevant.
Can you feel it?�
�Yes,� I say.
�Then that is enough.�

In a baby�s gaze I see the eyes of the one with the voice.
�Yes,� I say. �I can feel it. But who are you?�
�Irrelevant,� comes the answer.
�Irrelevant because you know who I am.�
�Yes,� I say.

In a house of worship I stand, silently.
Incense burns.
I am surrounded by timeless shapes of metal and glass.
Symbols that I have always known meant something
to some people.
But now I know they are alive
a part of that same ancient oneness
that looks on me with a baby�s eyes
and speaks to me on cold winter mornings.

Meaning is pointless without the knowing.
�Yes!,� I shout. �I know who you are!�

Copyright �1997 by Tom Grogan. All rights reserved.

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