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Available in reprint soon
from Iriswhite

Poetry the Write Way
Webstatic – First Journey

Discover for yourself the enchanted world of emotional elegance and reflective insight, intuitively crafted into words by many of the original Webstatic poets.

This collection containing 90 contemporary works of prose and poetry is bound to take you on a journey of personal reflection, imagination and warm memories.

Available soon from Iriswhite Publishing and other booksellers using the ISBN numbering system, this first anthology from Webstatic will surely become a collector’s item. The book also contains a special “Curtain Call” section containing work from the Webstatic poets submitted especially for this anthology and never published at Webstatic.

Authors included in this volume

The Webstatic editors accept submissions of poetry and prose for possible publication at the site. Webstatic does not pay for submissions. Copyright ©1998-2012 by Sondra & Leon Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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