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Love is expressed in thousands of ways – through painting, music, physical touch, sculpture, dance, literature, poetry, prose, theater, and many others. It has evolved into something very real, almost tangible. Love, or the search for love drives every human behavior, every human endeavor. Fortunately for all of us, there exist writers with a rare gift of inner vision and feeling, who are passionately compelled to express, define and portray the facets of love through the exquisite medium of words.

That is my reason for creating Webstatic. Eloquent words, and the beautiful souls who strive to share them with us. Webstatic is a refuge where weary or searching visitors can relax and experience the reflective thoughts that inspire people to be who or what they are. It is a sanctuary where emotion finds a welcome stage, a home where you can read a poem like “Message in a Bottle,” and escape to another place . . . for a moment . . . perhaps even your own dreams.

Authors apply pen to paper so others might understand and learn. Unread words are like an unfulfilled promise. The writers at Webstatic are true heroes who share their private lives, their raw and sincere inner feelings and their souls with total strangers. What courage they display, their deeply personal thoughts transcribed into words that send us inspiration, warning, hope, dreams and most of all . . . love.

What greater proof of love than to help others recognize it within themselves or the world around them? What greater sacrifice than a piece of your soul? Visitors to Webstatic don’t leave as strangers. They find a part of themselves in someone’s words and make a new friend on a higher level. They become something more than they were. That’s love . . . that’s life . . . that's truth . . . that’s passion . . . and that will always be Webstatic.

The Webstatic editors accept submissions of poetry and prose for possible publication at the site. Webstatic does not pay for submissions. Copyright ©1998-2012 by Sondra & Leon Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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